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Children Photography

Children Photography is approximately a 45 minutes photoshoot dedicated to capturing the precious milestones of your little ones. We offer 100 Days Celebration Milestone Sessions to capture those heart-meling smiles, Sitter Sessions (6-9 months) when babies reach the stage of sitting up and give the most adorable gaze, and First Birthday Cake Smash or Portrait Sessions to celebrate your little ones' first birthday! Just like our Newborn Sessions, your baby will be photographed in a cozy set up with care and love. The room temperature is controlled to be near 75-78F to keep your baby warm at all time as they are usually dressed lightly in the studio.  Your baby will be photographed in at least three different settings. During the photoshoot, parents are encouraged to interact with their baby behind the camera using the props the studio prepares. Your baby will be dressed or wrapped in minimalist styles to create a timeless look that will less likely to go out of style. Parents are also welcome to prepare outfits for their babies if they wish.

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