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The badge of Professional Photographer Association certification (PPA)

Why Hire a Certified Professional Photographer?

Crystal Tseng is a certified professional photographer whose skills, knowledge, and professionalism in photography are assured by PPA, Professional Photographers of America. 

"Hi! Thank you for visiting my website. If you are looking for a photographer who can catch the beauty of your life and is easy and patient to work with, here you go. Don't miss out on me."

Crystal herself is a mother of two sweet girls. Being a mother has empowered her to be incredibly patient and enabled her to love each moment of life. She believes that its the imperfect and perfect moments that bring meanings to our lives. And the only thing we need to do is to embrace it.  

People, emotions, simplicity, and love are her go for direction. Therefore, you can see her create simple, elegant, but full of emotion images a lot. But simple doesn't equal to easy. The quality of shadow and  the contrast of color lead our eyes to what we see and how we feel. Crystal pays specific attention to these two components. "I don't guess and shoot. I always know what I am going for."

Your session is always being taken care with a lot of time and thoughts. Crystal takes time to design and sketch the images that she wants to create. She takes time to scout locations at different point of time to make sure it meets the quality to create what she's looking for. And most importantly, she takes time to communicate with you. She understands that most clients who are searching for a photographer have already seen a lot of portfolio before they come to her. They know what they want in their photos. Crystal values her client's opinions and always tries her best to incorporate these elements. Photography is a personal and customized service. You want a photographer who is not only talented but also easy to work with along the project.  

Crystal Tseng Photography studio assistant_Crystal Tseng Photography_family photographer_headshot photographer_newborn photographer_maternity photoshoot_baby photoshoot_Portrait Studio_Photo Studio_Ellicott City_Baltimore_Clarksville_Columbia_Maryland_Washington DC

Rachel Kim, Studio Assistant

Our Studio Assistant, Rachel, is a talented and passionate designer/ illustrator herself. She is not only very skillful on everything arts-related, but also a hard-working and detail-oriented person. She is a sweet heart to our clients in terms of customer service. She currently helps Crystal with photoshoots & design, customer service, and keeping the studio operating properly. Who doesn't love a person who remembers everything you only need to mention once? 

Press & Interviews

Certificate of Crystal Tseng as a Certified Professional Photographer_family photographer_headshot photographer_newborn photographer_maternity photoshoot_baby photoshoot_Portrait Studio_Photo Studio_Ellicott City_Baltimore_Clarksville_Columbia_Maryland_Washington DC
Baltimore Style Magazine: Finding Meaning Behind the Lens

“My favorite clients are always the ones who appreciate the value of professional portraits. Professional portraits hold up more than just beautiful images. The effort and hard work from bringing the family together to creating the immaculate portraits by the team emphasize the significance of the images to each unique client or family. It makes me feel like this job is very meaningful.”  (  (pg. 8-9))

Digital Photo Magazine: A Pro Portrait Photographer's 5 Tips for Better Family Photos

“Knowing what your vision will look like in the picture beforehand helps you lead the photo shoot with more confidence,” she says. “I suggest all photographers make a plan—say, different family groupings or props to evoke genuine interactions between family members. For example, blow bubbles for little kids to play with and get them to smile.”  (

Authority Magazine: Crystal Tseng: 5 Things Anyone Can Do To Take Stunning Photos

"Be Authentic — Try not to over-direct your subject, but position the subject in the right circumstance and capture the true actions and feelings of the subject." (

VeryWell Family: The 12 Best Cameras for Kids of 202

What Our Experts Say: A DSLR camera gives photographers more creative control and lens choices. As far as creating great pictures, a beginner's DSLR is not much different from the most advanced camera. Once you handle a beginner’s camera, you can quickly adapt to a professional camera.” — Crystal Tseng, professional photographer.   (

Woman-owned photography studio offers photos, stylized services

“This helps us build trust between the studio and the client,” she said. “They are in good hands and they know they are very well taken care of from the very beginning. This helps them feel confident and allows them to be themselves and enjoy the photo shoot without worrying about anything else.”  (

Exploring Life & Business with Crystal Tseng of Crystal Tseng Photography

"... to balance my roles as a mother, a business owner, and a creator. It took me about five years to manage my time in a way where I can stay productive within each role in my life and still find time to learn and grow." (

"My family and I had such an amazing experience with Crystal doing graduation and family photos!!! She is so gracious and really took the time to discuss our vision for the photos. Crystal even helped us with deciding the colors and style of clothing to wear for the photos and she made the studio environment so comfortable. I'm really looking forward to having another special event so that I can get more pictures done! She's an awesome photographer."      


                                                     ~Tatiana L, Ellicott City

"Crystal, Ive been looking thru your images and you bring pure joy to every image. What a wonderful connection you have to your client. Your art is perfect to line the walls for every family."

                         ~Fashion Photographer, Warren Verity

a maternity portrait of a beautiful mother in a yellow maternity gown holding baby bump while smiling at daughter and husband in an outdoor fall photoshoot in their back yard in Glenwood Maryland.
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